Back in January, we were the bearers of grim news. TLC was filming some sort of 90 Day Fiance “All Stars” style spinoff.

The location? The Florida Keys. And thanks to eyewitness accounts, the cast is no secret.

We already know that one cast member, Angela Deem, behaved so poorly that it hurt the resort’s online reviews.

And, unless there have been last-minute changes, we now know the title of this upcoming nightmare.

In a twisted turn of events, Angela Deem appeared to openly flirt with Jovi Dufren. This likely went down in the Florida Keys. (Instagram)

It looks like 90 Day: The Last Resort is going to be a mix of fairly popular couples and some of the franchise’s worst villains.

Most fans like Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. The same goes for Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa.

But Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown are headline-breaking villains. Liz Woods is divisive, with most fans just wanting her to flee.

Asuelu Pulaa Reveals INSANE Amount of Money He's Sent to His Mom: Sorry Kalani!
On Discovery Plus, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa opened up about some baffling financial decisions. Yes, about money that they sent to his mom. (TLC)

Technically, we don’t know that Asuelu was there. Not for sure.

Meanwhile, many fans believe that Molly Hopkins and now bitter ex Kelly Brown were there. We cannot confirm that.

In general, we know the cast. This is the same resort where Angela’s behavior and the inconvenience of camera crews showed up in online reviews.

(Trip Advisor)

For months, no one had any idea what this All Star nightmare was going to be — beyond a rumored Marriage Boot Camp knockoff.

That changed a couple of weeks ago. Tech and pop culture blogger Henry T. Casey tweeted during the WBD upfronts.

The show’s title? 90 Day: The Last Resort. And yet, this fairly substantial news fell through the cracks — at first.

In May of 2023, entertainment blogger Henry T. Casey reported on 90 Day: The Last Resort from the Warner Bros Discovery upfronts. (Twitter)

Full credit to Casey for tweeting this a full month ago, and to the good folks at Starcasm for bringing this to our attention.

Why didn’t people notice at first? A popular theory is that the chaos and misery of WBD eviscerating HBO Max to form the clownish new service, “Max,” was a distraction.

CEO David Zaslav continues what seems to be a personal crusade against television itself. Movies and TV disappear forever, but these spinoffs keep coming.

A delighted Angela Deem took to social media to show off the results of her hairdo, likening herself to Marilyn Monroe. Interesting! (Instagram)

The staff and guests as the Isla Bella Resort had to grapple with Angela’s foul-mouthed screeching. (And with who knows what else. Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Big Ed!)

And, at some point in the future, the rest of us will have to endure the heavily edited results.

It will be nice to hear Yara’s quips. And, of course, to finally figure out what the heck’s going on with Kalani and Asuelu.

Over the years, Angela Deem has posted a lot of photos of herself to social media. This certainly is one of them. (Instagram)

Honestly, it’ll probably be entertaining.

Given the timing of when this filmed, there’s a decent chance that we might witness Angela and Michael’s breakup.

Of course, they then got back together. Because of course they did. Heavens forbid that anyone make a good decision, right?

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