Ariela Weinberg had quite the ride on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2.

What started off as an affordable vacation for her turned into a relationship after Biniyam Shibre impregnated her.

She gave birth in Ethiopia via emergency C-Section and, despite a host of problems, remained with Biniyam.

But in her new photo, she is absolutely unrecognizable.

It turns out that getting to know someone on television when they’re pregnant and then right after they’ve given birth might not show you their “normal” look.

Pregnancy and childbirth can transform your body forever, but a lot of people still look fairly different once they have had months or longer to recover.

Ariela is making that very apparent in this stunning photo that she shared on Instagram.

Ariela shared this snap to a litany of praises from her followers.

Lighting, hair and makeup, and a talented photographer can make a world of difference for your image.

It also helps that she is a genuinely beautiful young woman.

It’s nice to see Ariela receive positive attention from fans. Sadly, she was the target of a lot of cruel comments.

Some people seemed to slut-shame her for (gasp) having sex with a handsome stranger while on vacation.

As if that weren’t a huge goal for vacationing while single anyway.

Ariela spotted Biniyam

Beyond that, people bombarded her with criticism for her kind gesture of having the baby in Ethiopia so that Biniyam could witness the child’s birth.

Though even Ariela’s mother, a nurse, agreed that the hospital was up to her standards, other fans couldn’t imagine doing it.

For some, “I wouldn’t do that” turned into “she’s a fool for doing that,” which turned into hate.

There were a lot of genuine problems in Ariela and Biniyam’s story.

Ariela had to repeat herself again and again just to be heard as she explained to Biniyam how things needed to be.

Let’s face it — some of that came in the form of whining, which saw more hate pour in Ariela’s direction.

Many fans noted that Biniyam’s behavior was much more alarming than any amount of whining or complaining.

He would seemingly dismiss any other way of doing things that was different than his own.

When Ariela objected or shared her way of doing things, he would act as if all of her preferences, desires, and comforts were ridiculous. It wasn’t encouraging to watch.

But somehow, they made it through.

Ariela resolved to make it work, sacrificing her own comfort again and again for Biniyam.

The two became engaged at Biniyam’s favorite holiday on the season finale, and all signs indicate that they are still very much together, if no longer in Ethiopia (for safety reasons).

Congratulations to Ariela on posing for this glamorous pic.

Everyone deserves to look their best from time to time, but moms — especially those who have made so many sacrifices — deserve it the most.

We wish her the best. Perhaps her appearances on Discovery+ content like The Other Way Strikes Back will change some more hearts and minds.

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