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Big Brother Recap: Did Tiffany Betray Her Alliance?


With 8 people in the house, the road to the final six is proving to be a turbulent endeavor for The Cookout.

The plan going into the HOH competition was for Derek F or Azah to win and put Alyssa and Claire on the block.

Derek F dropped during Thursday’s live eviction, leaving the only contender for the Cookout to win being Azah.

Unfortunately, Azah also dropped, leaving Tiffany and Azah to duke it out for the competition win.

Tiffany did not want Kyland in power with his third HOH win, and everyone else in the Cookout seemingly wanted someone other than Tiffany in power.

Tiffany secured the win, and it showed the cracks in the alliance.

Her allies were mad because they didn’t think she deserved to win. Yes, they would have rathered Kyland in power.

How can Tiffany be blamed if X is throwing competitions and Azah and Derek F can’t make it to the end of them?

The strategy for the Cookout has always been strong, but in recent weeks, the cracks have been forming.

At least with Tiffany in power, she thought she could save Claire. Did anyone else expect her to put her own ally on the block when Alyssa would gun for Tiffany if she got the chance?

Derek F and Xavier were so mad with Tiffany that they didn’t even sit in for her HOH room reveal. They stormed out like sulking children to whine about her.

Say what you will about Tiffany, but it can’t be denied that she’s playing the game.

Xavier is worried about losing Alyssa and depending on how she plays in the veto, we could still see Claire going out the door this week.

Alyssa made a surprisingly coherent pitch to Tiffany in that Tiffany would win the jury by a landslide against her, but the vote would be more split against anyone else.

Still, Tiffany would not want to cut Claire so soon, especially if she could keep her for another week.

The wider issue for Tiffany is that the men in the Cookout want her gone, and it could be as soon as Thursday’s double eviction.

Unless Hannah or Azah win during the double, there’s a good chance Tiffany will see the block.

There’s still a lot of game to be played before we get there.

Tiffany went the safe route and nominated Xavier and Alyssa, with the latter being the target.

Xavier could throw the POV to Alyssa for all we know.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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