Did Tyler Cameron Just Confirm That He And Gigi Hadid Have Already Broken Up?

It looks like Tyler Cameron might’ve just accidentally confirmed that he and Gigi Hadid have gone their separate ways.

The couple have been notoriously coy about their relationship, with neither the supermodel or the Bachelorette star giving anyone a straight answer when it comes to defining what their connection really is. 


During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the 26-year-old was put on the spot by The Masked Singer’s Jenny McCarthy, who straight up asked if he’s currently single. He responded: “I may be single.”

Granted, this isn’t a definitive answer either way but fans have noticed that the pair haven’t been pictured together in a while.

In a conversation with E! News, Tyler pointed out: “That’s my friend. We hung out a few times. She’s doing her thing now in Paris and killin’ it, so….”


He said a similar thing during a conversation with Entertainment Tonight: “I mean…that’s just where we’re at. Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people, she’s an amazing person, and we’re just keeping it friendly.”

“I’m at the point where I don’t really want to talk about my relationships,” Tyler said. “I’ve dated publicly, so…I’m trying to date privately, and I’m not in love with anybody right now…I’m in love with myself.”


A previous insider claimed that the couple are keen to keep their connection out of the press, so there’s a definite possibility that Tyler is just throwing everyone off the scent by implying there’s nothing going on between them.

Honestly, it’s a minefield.



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