According to a recent report, Kody Brown wants to move back to Arizona.

According to Kody Brown’s daughter, meanwhile, Kody Brown left Arizona in 2018 because his only other option was jail.

What the what, right?!?

During a YouTube Q&A session with fans on April 21, Gwendlyn Brown was asked why her family relocated to Flagstaff a few years ago — and she responded with a bombshell reveal.

“Because police were actually coming to our door when I was a kid and being like, ‘You have to leave. We’re gonna take your dad to prison,” Gwendlyn told fans.

Gwendlyn — who is the daughter of Kody and ex-spouse Christine Brown — went on to say that deciding to move to Las Vegas “was such a weird decision.”

“It’s Sin City. It’s so wild,” the 21-year old added.

“And off topic, if you go to Las Vegas, I don’t mean to be mean to people, but the Mormon community in Las Vegas is evil. They’re scary. And they’re so entitled.

“I felt like I wasn’t Mormon enough for them. It was a terrible experience. Las Vegas, such a weird choice to make.”

According to previous Utah state law, polygamy/bigamy was considered a crime for decades, hence the legal situation Kody found himself in back in the day.

Polygamy was considered a third degree felony in the region, which meant you could potentially spend a lengthy time in prison (up to 5 years) and pay hefty fines (up to $5,000).

In 2020, however, the Utah Legislature passed a law to decriminalize polygamy, reducing bigamy among consenting adults from a third-degree felony… to an infraction on par with a speeding ticket.

Since then, there have been rumors that Kody might return his loved ones to Nevada.

Kody’s family, of course, is much smaller now than it used to be after Christine, Meri and Janelle all split from the selfish polygamist.

For her part, Gwendlyn has taken many opportunities of late to trash her dad … slamming him recently for being bad with money and even calling him a coward.

“Logistically [Montana or Wyoming] would have probably worked better,” Gwendlyn told subscribers last week of where she wished she had grown up.

“It would have probably kept us silent too, cause there’s no way I would have had this vocal personality if I were living in butt-f–k nowhere Wyoming.”

Christine, meanwhile, moved back to Utah after she broke up with Kody.

She’s now engaged to David Woolley and we truly could not be happier for her.

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