Kylie Jenner has blessed all of our lives by vlogging her time on the road for Travis Scott’s Astroworld tour, and we feel like we’re learning a whole lot about Stormi’s parents.

In the Kylie Cosmetic queen’s first vlog, she documented how she likes to get ready for the show, and there was the most adorbs appearance from her little one.


While picking out her ensemble for the evening, the babe revealed she usually gets three separate hotel rooms; one for her and Travis, one for all her clothes and makeup and another for Stormi to play.

“So, me and Travis have our own room, and then I always get a separate room for all my wardrobe and make-up,” she explained.


She added: “And also for Stormi, so she can play around, and have more space when we’re in hotel rooms since she always travels with us.”

It seems that Stormi is well and truly adjusted to tour life, and at one point in the video Kylie returns holding her as she explains she’s a “little tour road dog.”


In Kylie’s second vlog, the mum-of-one carries Stormi to her own room backstage at Madison Square Garden.

Pointing to a room marked with a stormy cloud emoji, Kylie said: “So her dad gets Stormi, not me, Stormi, her own room at every venue.”


“We don’t let her out because of how loud it is out there, but she just usually stays backstage and watches until her bedtime. She’ll watch on the TV what’s going on.”

Sounds like Stormi is living the dream on tour with her parents.


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