James Charles Just Slammed YouTube For Their Plans To “Unverify” Certain Users

James Charles has hit out at YouTube regarding their plans to “unverify” certain influencers within the next few weeks.

The company have announced that they’re changing their verification requirements as a way to make it “easier” for users to establish “the official YouTube channel of a creator, artist, brand, or public figure.” 

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By October, some creators will be stripped of their verified status with the brand explaining: “Our new criteria prioritizes verifying prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity.”

This hasn’t gone down well online, with one person pointing out: “If I lose verification, which the email implies I will, my channel with 1.7 million subs will be ripe for impersonation. How does this make things clearer for either the audience or creators?” 

James has now added his own complaint: “I’m really sorry to the creators who are being unverified on @YouTube today. This decision is really pointless and it’s yet another change not a single person asked for. 

“PLEASE know that you are still valid as a creator and I hope that a stupid checkmark doesn’t discourage you! If a user gets unverified as a result of these new changes, YouTube said they can appeal.”

Regarding the backlash, YouTube have since clarified that the changes won’t be implemented overnight and that influencers can appeal their new status if they’re unhappy with the situation. 

Do you think James and co. have a point here or are YouTube right to toughen up their criteria?

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