Last week, we got some pretty major news from the Sister Wives crew …

And that news was that Janelle Brown has officially left Kody.

Well, probably.

Maybe, anyway.

It’s a pretty interesting situation, because the news didn’t come from some anonymous source or from some speculation about a social media post.

It came directly from a member of the family.

Gwendlyn Brown, one of Christine’s daughters, did a TikTok Live with a friend, and during the live, she answered some questions from fans of the show.

Since there have been rumors for a while now that Janelle has left Kody, someone asked Gwen if Robyn and Meri are the only wives that Kody has left.

“Yes, I think,” she responded.

Gwen also gave some updates on the other ladies on the show — she said her mom is doing really well and is very happy, that Meri is thriving with her friends, and that she’s not Robyn’s biggest fan.

But of course, the most interesting tidbit was her apparent confirmation that Kody is now down to two wives.

And now that that cat is out of the bag, insiders are coming forward to offer more details on what happened.

One of those sources told The Sun that Christine “forced” Janelle to leave Kody.

Well, maybe not “forced” exactly, but “Janelle had no real reason to leave until Christine pointed it out to her.”

If you’ve seen the past couple of seasons of Sister Wives, the split generally doesn’t come as a huge shock.

Janelle obviously got fed up with Kody, at one point even telling him to “f-ck off,” which is definitely something we’ve never heard from her before.

She really struggled with Kody’s strict COVID rules, especially when he demanded that she kick her sons out of her house.

Confirming that, the source said “COVID created a lot of [the separation]. It gave the sister wives comfort to know that they could be on their own.”

Janelle on Instagram
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“Christine was the ringleader in showing that they don’t need Kody.”

“With all certainty,” this insider continued, “the final straw was in May or June. It was in the beginning of summer where it’s been completely dissolved between Janelle and Kody.”

“She’s no longer claiming to be his wife. She does not believe she’s part of the equation of marriage with Kody anymore. It’s done, it’s over.”

Unsurprisingly, it sounds like a huge issue was how Kody had been treating their children.

Janelle Brown Goes Hiking
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“When your kids lose a relationship with a parent, you have to pick and choose,” and for Janelle, “her support system is not Kody, it will always be her kids.”

But thankfully, it seems like she has some additional support in her former sister wife, Christine.

“They have joined forces in supporting each other,” the source said.

“This is a hard-core power trip. It’s antagonizing to Kody and he absolutely hates it. They’re doing everything they can to go against Kody.”

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode
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But this story isn’t over yet!

This insider claims that although she’s said otherwise, Meri wants to cut ties with Kody as well!

“Meri will never admit this but she has a contract to fulfill and that’s the only reason why she still shows up.”

“She’s been sticking around for the contract,” the source claimed. “That’s where her paychecks are coming from. She’s not sitting around waiting for Kody nor will she ever.”

That part is a little harder to believe — it really does seem like Meri is content in doing her own thing and just hoping Kody comes back around.

But then again, she’s always been a business-minded person, so maybe she really is just making her money before she jumps ship.

Do you think Kody is truly down to just one wife?

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