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Jenelle Evans got candid and quite emotional when she responded to a troll commenting on the custody of her teen son, Jace. After the hater said Jace was “meant to be with Barbara,” referring to Jenelle’s mom who claims she has full custody of the 13-year-boy, per People, the Teen Mom 2 alum took to her Instagram Story on Friday, Oct. 21 to fire back. “Comments like this is exactly why I don’t want to share my life anymore,” she said. “Don’t believe everything you see on your TV screen, or hearing from a third party.”

Jenelle Evans claims her mom Barbara ‘took’ her son Jace in the midst of a custody battle. (SplashNews)

The reality star, who shares Jace with ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis, has previously claimed that she and her mother Barbara share custody of Jace, according to the news source. During the Instagram Story, Jenelle added that there is a “court battle” between her family at the moment. “There’s a lot of personal stuff that’s been going on with my family lately, where actually Jace should be living with me,” Jenelle said, as she began to cry.

“This persona that I’m just a bad mom… I do everything in my world for my kids, and I try my hardest to be the best damn mom I can be,” she continued through tears. “I don’t mean to cry, but comments like this really hurt.”

Jenelle, who was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 after her husband David Eason shot and killed the family dog for biting their daughter, went on to say she still has a hard time watching scenes from the show featuring Barbara. “Someone took my baby, didn’t let me get a chance to raise my baby, and then kicks me out, takes my baby, because she was jealous of the guy I was dating at the time,” Jenelle added of Barbara. “Let’s look at the real reason why I was even kicked out and came home, and all my stuff was outside in the middle of the yard.” She concluded, “Me as a parent, I would never do that to my kids.”

Around the time of the animal-killing incident, Jenelle had temporarily lost custody of her two other children: son Kaiser, 8, whom she shares with ex Nathan Griffith and daughter Ensley, 5, whom she shares with David. In July 2019, she announced she had regained custody of Kaiser and Ensley.

Meanwhile, Jenelle made an appearance on the Sept. 13th episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, where she attended a party thrown by Briana DeJesus. HollywoodLife also got a sneak peek at Season 2 of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, and Jenelle shows up there as well! Check it out here!

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