Last month, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers saw Sumit Singh suggest something to Jenny Slatten.

Now that they are married, why not try out a Kama Sutra class to expand their sexual horizons?

That is Sumit’s suggestion. Sure, she popped his freshness seal a decade ago and never looked back, but this could be fun.

Jenny has some questions before they go learn about eroticism and intimacy in a room full of other couples.

During their honeymoon, Jenny Slatten has tried new things to please her husband, Sumit Singh.

Thus far, those activities have been PG. For example, the two of them went ziplining in the beautiful resort town.

Sumit was delighted. But on the October 9 episode, his next venture may be bringing their 30-year age gap to the forefront.

Sumit has already brought up the idea of taking a Kama Sutra yoga class, and emphasizes that he’d only want to do this with Jenny.

“This is something I cannot do with anyone else, like, I can ask my wife,” he tells her excitedly.

Sumit then adds: “Only my wife to go with me and try something like that.”

“I know what Kama Sutra is … how are they gonna teach us that in yoga class?” Jenny asks.

Just for the record, this ancient text is more than just a list of sex positions, though white colonialist lenses often portrayed it as such.

She then notes to her husband: “I don’t really feel like I need to be taught what kind of position to use, to be in.”

“My experience level when it comes to sex is pretty high,” Jenny reasons to the camera.

In case it needed to be spelled out, she adds: “I mean, I’m 63 years old, I would hope so.”

Jenny admits: “I’m not comfortable doing all of this.”

“But,” Jenny then expresses, “I’m afraid that it might jeopardize our relationship.”

She worries about disappointing Sumit “if I’m not open to trying new things with him.”

And Jenny was even more direct with her husband.

“Are you getting bored with me? What’s going on with you?” Jenny asks. Clearly, his idea has evoked some insecurities.

“I’m kind of worried about what’s on your mind,” she admits.

Jenny asks: “Are you changing the way you’re feeling? What’s happening?”

“Things are going fine now, but what about future?” Sumit suggests.

“We have to think about our future,” he affirms. “We have to make a good future.”

In other words, it sounds like he wants to spice things up now, rather than waiting for them to hit a rough patch or a dry spell one day.

With that, Jenny agrees to take the Kama Sutra yoga class.

However, she has one caveat: she can leave if it becomes “too weird” or otherwise uncomfortable.

A fair condition for doing just about anything, really.

“It’s very important for Jenny and I, now we are married, to keep trying to spice up our sex life,” Sumit affirms to the confessional camera.

“It will be fun to learn a few tricks,” he suggests.

If it helps us in order to increase our fun and maximum pleasure,” Sumit reasons, “then why not try doing new stuff?”

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