Jinger Duggar wished Instagram followers “Happy Resurrection Sunday” on Easter.

The former reality star shared the photo below on her official account, posing happily alongside her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, while wearing an all-white ensemble.

To many observers, however?

Jinger is the one in need of well wishes at the moment.

As previously noted, some fans out there have been concerned about Duggar’s weight for awhile now.

They took a look at pictures posted by Jinger earlier this month, for example, and couldn’t help but note her frighteningly thin appearance.

Now, in the wake of this brand new Easter image?

Critics are sharing their same concerns, even referencing Jiinger’s past eating disorder in their social media remarks.

“I worry about Jinger,’ one person wrote.

“She is getting painfully thin. Maybe she is just very small by nature: I don’t ever want to shame someone for having a small body frame.

“But I know she has a past with ED and seeing her so very tiny worries me. I’ve struggled with ED and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

Another individuall echoed this sentiment… and emphasized this same topic.

“I worry as well,” said this user.

“She already had a genetic predisposition and confirmed ED struggles as a teen.

“Regularly being in LA and being married to image-obsessed Jeremy are both vulnerability factors for a recurrence of her ED.

“She is looking troublingly thin.”

Jinger has spoken before about struggling with eating issues when she was younger, opening up about body image and starvation in “The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God,” the book she co-authored with her spouse.

Dduggar recalled in this memoir an “awkward phase” she went through as a pre-teenager, and how she believed the changes her body were going through were unacceptable.

“I hated the way I looked,” she writes in the book.

“I was convinced I was fat and getting fatter by the day. “I’m so ugly,” I scolded my reflection. “I need to do something about this. I need to be skinny.”‘

So very sad to read, isn’t it?

And Jinger obviously isn’t alone in having wrestled with these thoughts and fears.

Duggar went on to say that she barely ate back in the day as a result of these insecurities.

“It seemed reasonable at the time,” she wrote. “I didn’t realize that my little weight- loss plan was teetering dangerously on the edge of an eating disorder.”

Jinger said that her “extreme dieting” plan lasted just a month before she turned to her mother for help.

Michelle, who had battled with bulimia as a teenager, had previously told Jinger and the other daughters all about her “poor body image and unhealthy relationship with food.”

In perhaps her only example of good parenting, Michelle encouraged Jinger NOT to compare herself to others and to make sure she ate a proper diet.

“Her only requirement was that I eat about two thousand calories a day, enough for a healthy, growing girl,” Jinger wrote.

We have no idea if Jinger is struggling once again in this regard, and it feels wrong to speculate.

It’s also worth noting that Duggar came down with COVID-19 in late 2020 and suffered for several monthhs as a result.

“I’m telling you, if I smell any little bit of anything, it all smells nearly the same and stinks,” Jinger said in 2021, hinting that she suffered from long COVID, whichh could also explain recent weight loss.

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