It sounds like Kailyn Lowry is really struggling to co-parent with ex Javi Marroquin. And it seems as though he’s not too fond of how their interpersonal drama is playing out in the public eye, either.

Buckle up, y’all. This one is about to get messy…

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On the Teen Mom 2 alum’s latest episode of her podcast Coffee Convos, Kailyn opened up about a difficult family situation she’s facing with her ex-husband. Of course, she and Javi — who were married from 2012 to 2017 — share 9-year-old son Lincoln Marshall Marroquin together. But despite Lincoln apparently thriving in his childhood, it sounds like co-parenting is really not going well for the two adults.

During this most recent Coffee Convos ep, the 30-year-old mom of four (er, five??) sons dished details about how it’s “really f**king awkward” to co-parent with Javi amid his alleged decision to completely cut Kailyn off except for email communication. The root cause is Lincoln’s flag football league, according to Kailyn.

One day during the youth league, she explained on the podcast, Javi refused to take a picture with her and Lincoln:

“Me and Javi don’t talk at all, so it’s just really f**king awkward. Like, when we see each other, it’s so f**king awkward. So, yesterday, we go to his little football team signing, because he’s signing to a new team or whatever. And he wouldn’t even take a picture with me for Lincoln. So it was just really weird. And then I said, ‘did you pay the deposit already?’ And he goes, ‘no, not yet.’ And that was the end of it. It was just so f**king awkward, right?”


Kailyn explained how Javi’s other 4-year-old son Eliwhom he shares with girlfriend Lauren Comeau — is on the younger team in that same league. So, to avoid awkwardness, Lowry opted not to sign up her two younger sons Lux and Creed — whom she shares with ex Chris Lopez — to play alongside Javi’s other son:

“So, we all have other kids. Well, Lux and Creed’s cousins are friends with Javi’s family and also my family, and they all kind of have kids the same age. … We’ve always been really close when it comes to sports. … He told me Lincoln’s brother is on his son’s team, and I low-key felt, like, left out. Not only did we all used to be best friends during all sports seasons, but also, I’m going to cry again.”

Kailyn continued from there. She explained how she got “low-key upset” over the fractured relationship and what it did for Lincoln, Lux, and Creed:

“So, his son is on Lincoln’s brother’s team. And I’m trying to be nice about not saying his other kid’s name. So, I was, like, low-key upset because Lux and Creed don’t get to play with their cousin. Like, they don’t get to be on the same team, and I don’t want to sign them up now, because I don’t want Javi to pull his other son out if we’re there, because of Lauren. I don’t want it to be that way, so I’m, like, upset. So I’m texting Brandon [the coach] about what time the game is on Saturday, and he’s like, ‘oh, Lincoln is not going to be there.’ Like, what? How did Javi not tell me Lincoln wasn’t going to be there? .. I’m low-key upset, but I don’t want to cause waves, so I’m going to do anything about it.”


You can watch a clip of her explanation (below):

That sucks! And in the comments of that social media clip post, the war of words continued!

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First up, it was Javi, who slammed his ex and her podcast discussions. He wrote a long comment about being sick of dealing with co-parenting drama in such a public forum, first saying this:

“The only reason im addressing this publicly is because im sick of this one sided narrative with our co parenting. I’ve f**ked up, I’ve been an asshole, but I’m not going to ever apologize for putting healthy boundaries in place that should have been established a long time ago and focusing on my family. She should do the same with her family. I don’t want to speak on this again after today, we aren’t doing this again, we mind our business. stop f**king believing everything and anything you hear or read. Let’s worry about what’s actually effecting our children and not our own needs. Lincoln is extremely happy and loved.”

Then, he slammed Kailyn for being “one sided and calculated” with her re-telling of the flag football fracas:

“All these negative comments are hearing a fraction of any story, it’s always one sided and calculated. A relationship is NOT the sole reason for our co parenting issues. The number one reason we have issues is for this bullshit here. Nothing is private, my personal life isn’t private, our parenting struggles aren’t private, yet she demands privacy about everything and i haven’t taken any of the issues I have with her and our co parenting public over the last year. I send emails to her privately. If I spoke publicly about every issue i have with her or we have regarding parenting she would absolutely not be okay with that and I also wouldn’t do that do our child. I am actually trying to be better and learn from my mistakes.”


Hours after Javi dropped his comment on that IG tea account, Kailyn followed up with one of her own. First, she revealed how he “has me blocked” on socials, so she couldn’t technically see what he had written. (Which, like, come on girl. We know you have an alt. LOLz!!) Nevertheless, Kailyn wrote:

“Javi has me blocked, therefore I can’t reply to his comment specifically. Here’s the thing — I do not miss javi. But at the signing the COACH said ‘get in the pic javi’ there was a long awkward pause and I said he won’t do pix with me to which javi replied, ‘yeah nah’ or something along those lines. Which is fine, it was just the point. I wouldn’t have posted that pic if he had taken one because we weren’t good so that would have been for linc.”

Then, her retort got even more interesting. She claimed things had been reasonably cool with her ex until “August of 2022” when he supposedly “flipped a switch” and chose to only contact her via email. Lowry loudly alleged that may be the case because Marroquin is “not completely transparent” with his girlfriend Comeau about his relationship with the MTV alum:

“Up until august of 2022 javi and I were so cool. He even told me in august SPECIFICALLY that he’s always gona be there for me and he had my back regardless. Out of nowhere, javi flipped a switch & said back to email only. He also switched up on all of our mutual friends at this time. Javi only acts like this with Lauren because IN MY OPINION he is not completely transparent with her about everything between me and him so he has to keep us divided. He will never own that.”

Damn! That’s a READ!

Kailyn concluded that she’s open to doing “boundaries” with Javi and his family — she just needs to know what they are:

“I can absolutely do boundaries. I don’t want to be with javi. But being an absolute dick to me is not necessary. He’s always been the one to come on to me. Never the other way around, let’s be clear on that. & lastly, he would comment that on a page that is dedicated to hating me. Javi has come on my different podcasts multiple times as well but now and every other year it switched back and forth from guesting on them to ‘don’t talk about me.’ I can never keep up.”

Wow. And there it is. A decade later, and these two are still going at it. There’s a lot of history there, indeed…

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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