Love Island Stars Call For Better Aftercare In The Wake Of Mike Thalassitis’ Death

Reality stars are calling for more help from TV bosses following the heartbreaking news of Mike Thalassitis’ death. 

The Love Island star was found hanged at the age of 26 in a park near his North London home on Saturday morning.


Malin Andersson, who appeared on the show in 2016, wrote: “I got flowers from the producers when my daughter died. No f*cking phone call. No support, or help.”

Dom Lever, who appeared on the same series as Mike in 2016, tweeted: “You get a psychological evaluation before and after you go on the show but hands down once you are done on the show you don’t get any support unless you’re number one.”

ITV, Love Island’s broadcaster, released a statement saying: “Care for our islanders is a process the show takes very seriously and is a continuous process for all those taking part in the show.”

“We ensure that all of our contributors are able to access psychological support before, during and after appearing on the show. The programme will always provide ongoing support when needed and where appropriate.

“We also discuss at length with all of our islanders, before and after the show, how their lives might change and they have access to support and advice to help with this.”

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan also pointed out the need for financial guidance for young reality stars.

She wrote: “Reality shows need to offer a financial advisor to set you up as self employed etc. At 18 I didn’t even know anyone who was self employed, no idea about tax or what I needed to declare, luckily I didn’t earn a huge amount otherwise I could of been left in debt with a huge bill [sic].”

“Every other self employed job you can google and get advice, you can’t google “what to do once leaving a reality tv show” and get a list of f*cking instructions. Although it would be massively helpful if you could and I might create one myself [sic],” she continued.

She later added: “Yes totally agree. Going to meet with MTV in a few weeks to discuss some of the issues ie trolls/finance/expectations vs reality etc and hopefully try to come up with something to educate and guide the future generation of cast members. It’s a start [sic].”

If you’re struggling, Samaritans will be there to talk no matter what you’re going through. You can contact them on 116 123.


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