In recent weeks, whenever we reported on Maci Bookout, it was usually in connection to her troubled baby daddy, Ryan Edwards.

But Maci is still living her own life, and it looks as though a major development might have been overshadowed by Ryan’s latest trouble with the law.

Of course, the operative word there is “might.”

Teen Mom pregnancy rumors pop up at the rate of about one per month, and more often than not, they’re inaccurate.

Maci opens up about her feelings toward Ryan Edwards. (Photo via MTV)

So yeah, fans are once again convinced that Maci is expecting her fourth child.

And as is usually the case in situations such as this one, the speculation is based on little more than a single photo.

The image below shows Maci and her podcast co-host Natalie Gard enjoying what appears to be a pleasant spring stroll.

Fans are convinced that Maci Bookout is pregnant. But their evidence they’re pointing to is not very convincing. (Photo via Instagram)

As you can see, it offers no compelling evidence that Maci is expecting.

But some Reddit users saw the pic, jumped to that conclusion, and that was enough to get the rumor mill churning.

“Is Maci pregnant again? She does look it in this pic,” one person wrote.

Maci and Family on Vacation
Maci Bookout already has three kids and a lot on her plate. But she says she’s still open to the idea of having a fourth! (Photo via Instagram)

“Someone has a little bit of a baby belly! She looks amazing!” another added.

“You’re not the only one thinking that!” another added, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Maci has yet to respond to the rumors, which makes sense.

Maci Bookout on the MTV
Maci Bookout on an episode of Teen Mom OG, the show that made her famous. (Photo via MTV)

After all, they’re horribly offensive — and thankfully several people were quick to point that fact out.

“It’s rude to declare someone else as pregnant until they’ve declared it themself,” one such user wrote.

Meanwhile, with all the drama surrounding Ryan, it looks like Maci’s ex will play a major role in upcoming episodes of Teen Mom.

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG Season 9
Maci Bookout broke down in tears on Teen Mom OG reunion show. And the cause of her strife came as a surprise to fans. (Photo via MTV)

Maci got Ryan fired from Teen Mom OG back in 2021, but it seems that with all of the recent drama in the 35-year-old’s life, producers felt they had little choice but to bring him back.

“MTV was all over this,” one production insider tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“With all of this drama happening with [the Edwards family], they wasted no time bringing him back and were surprised he agreed.”

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?
Ryan Edwards has battled an addiction to drugs for years. We hope he’s now all clean and sober. (Photo via MTV)

Maci probably isn’t too happy about the idea of Ryan rejoining the show that made him famous.

But at least she can take comfort in the idea that Ryan will promptly remind the entire world how smart Maci was to kick his ass to the curb!


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