Meri Brown lives a weird kind of double life.

In one life, the life she documents on social media, she’s super happy, travels all the time, has good friends, and is just pumped to be alive.

But in the other life, the one we see on Sister Wives … well, it’s kind of the opposite.

We see her get upset pretty frequently on the show about several things, and if she’s not upset, she’s trying to be nonchalant about the fact that Kody clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Like, she’s admitted that they haven’t slept together in over a decade, and he’s made it very clear that he’s no longer in love with her and can’t imagine that ever changing.

Still, they stick together because … um …

Meri Brown is Angry

Well, Meri says that she prays about it and that God tells her to stick it out, so it looks like she’s just going to hang out until God tells her something different.

But just a few days ago, Kody’s first wife made yet another attempt to convince us all that despite everything, she’s really, truly content with her life.

Bless her heart.

“Don’t mind me!” her message began. “Just over here enjoying my life!”

“I work hard and I play hard,” she continued. “I live life happy and to the fullest. I celebrate my wins, I cheer my people on. I don’t let things get me down, at least not for long. (We all need to take a breather once in a while lol!)”

To her followers, she wrote “Listen friends, you are worth DOING what you want, GETTING what you want, LIVING how you want.”

“Don’t feel like you can right now? That’s ok! Get up every day with the passion to work for it! Life isn’t always easy, we gotta work for the things we want. It’s not handed on a silver platter.”

“But how cool is that?!” she asked. “It only means YOU are in control of the outcome!”

“Now go out and do something great,” she finished, “because YOU are worth it!”

That’s nice, right?

Unfortunately, judging by the kinds of comments her followers left, not too many people are buying it.

“Are you really happy?” one person asked. “Or just settling for no love. You never seem happy to me.”

Meri Brown is

Another person wrote “Real self love is shown by good self care, good situations, and rewarding relationships, not IG posts. Just saying.”

One harsher comment read “Listen up 3rd wheel. You have been in a divided ‘family’ and toxic marriage not marriage for decades. Christine is living your words, not you.”

Man, that’s got to sting, huh?

Meri hasn’t been very supportive of Christine’s decision to leave Kody, but it’s been beyond clear that Christine is genuinely happy now.

And no, we can’t really say the same for Meri.

As one person put it, “Christine deserved your support as a woman- not pressure and condemnation to stay with a man who didn’t love her. Here’s hoping you move on too so you don’t need this endless rhetoric.”

Someone summed up the whole issue pretty well with this short comment: “Meri, live the truth you are preaching.”

Meri Brown on her Instagram
Photo via Instagram

What do you think the truth is with Meri?

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