Meri Brown won’t be able to hold back on this Sunday night’s new episode of Sister Wives.

In a sneak peek posted by People Magazine, Christine Brown will tell her fellow spouses that not only is she leaving Kody… but she’s already bought a house in Utah.

The reaction to this news will be pointed and it will be personal.

And it will be led by Meri.

“I have a lot of emotions about this whole situation,” she says in the clip, adding:

“I feel angry and I feel a little betrayed, and I feel like I understand where she’s coming from.

“I also know that anger is a secondary emotion. I’m hurt. I’m hurt that she doesn’t see value enough in our family.”

That’s the thing, right? Meri can absolutely relate to Christine feeling snubbed by Kody, and yet she’s stuck around for the sake of the family as a whole.

Last November, of course, Christine confirmed on Instagram that her spiritual marriage to Kody was over.

She has since relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah — and still lives there with daughter Truely, 12.

(The exes are also parents to son Paedon, 24, and daughters Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Gwendlyn, 20, and Ysabel, 19.)

Kody, for his part, did not take the decision well.

“I’m angry about Christine leaving the family,” he says in this same footage.

“I’m angry that she’s moving to Utah. I’m angry that she’s trying to sell the house. I’m angry that she moved my stuff out. I’m angry that she asked me to leave.

“I’m angry about a lot of things.”

On this upcoming episode, meanwhile, Robyn also expresses some frustration and irritation over Christine moving away.

Hello there, Christine Brown! The mother of six is happy with her decision to leave Kody.

“It felt like I just got pushed out of an airplane and I wasn’t ready,” she says on air, followed by Kody stating via confessional:

“It’s just one of those things where it’s like there’s nothing I can do here.

“I’m not going to express my undying love for her like, ‘Please come back.’ I don’t even like her right now.”

Meri really seems to have the most extreme reaction, though.

Meri Brown addresses the camera here during a scene from TLC’s Sister Wives.

She no longer has a romantic relationship with Kody, yet she thinks God wants them to be together.

She doesn’t understand why Christine doesn’t feel the same way.

“There’s really just nothing for me to say. What am I supposed to say? Congratulations, you’re leaving the family?” says Meri, who hasn’t slept with Kody for more than 10 years.

“I don’t feel jealous of Christine that she’s leaving and I can’t because I can. I can do whatever I want,” she continues.

“My strength is sticking around and seeing if Kody would be willing to work on a relationship so I leave that door open but I’m not pining away for it.”

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC and discovery+.


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