Noah Centineo Confesses If He Knows Who’s Playing John Ambrose In TATBILB Sequel

Just when you thought the whole ~who’s going to be playing John Ambrose in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel~ drama had settled down, Noah Centineo confirms that they’ve started filming the Netflix sequel.

Meaning fans’ first thoughts were to ask who had been cast as playing John Ambrose, as Jordan Burtchett hasn’t been announced as returning, and they’re not letting Noah’s response fade into the background.


Noah first tweeted on Monday, saying: “TATB2 here we come,” which is pretty innocent right? He tagged Los Angeles International Airport and up to now, we were all satisfied with the info that filming for the sequel was finally underway.

Then one fan decided to ask the question on everyone’s lips: “WHO IS PLAYING JOHN AMBROSE.” In the first film, John turned up on Lana Jean Covey’s doorstep with a bouquet of flowers.

He’s set to take a much more prominent role in the sequel, causing a rift in Lana and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship.

Noah quickly replied to the rush of questions from fans about the actor’s identity, with: “I have no idea.” Just like that, all of our dreams shattered. Okay, that may be slightly dramatic.


Fans have been whacking out suggestions as to who they’d like to play John though, and tbh they’re pretty solid choices. Some are rooting for Jordan to reprise his brief role of playing John at the end of the first film, whereas others are all about Cole Sprouse, Shawn Mendes and KJ Apa.

Why don’t they just switch between all four boys? Now that’d be fun.  

Let us know who you’d like to play John Ambrose in the TATBILB sequel over @MTVUK!

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