Noah Centineo’s Next Movie Role Already Has Fans Swooning Over The Costume

It’s a great year to be a Noah Centineo fan because it’s being reported that he’s in talks to take on the role of He-Man in an upcoming reboot of Masters Of The Universe.

For anyone unfamiliar with the character, He-Man was initially an animated series from the 80s and was also a hugely successful toyline for Mattel. The protagonist also takes the form of Prince Adam, who must protect Castle Grayskull from the evil antagonist Skeletor.


Even though The Wrap are reporting that he hasn’t signed on the dotted line just yet, fans of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star are losing their minds over the thought of him in a superhero costume.

Noah has also recently scored a role in the Charlie’s Angels reboot and is starring in another upcoming Netflix film titled The Perfect Date opposite Riverdale star Camila Mendes.


When asked if he enjoyed his internet boyfriend status, the 22-year-old replied that while he does love rom coms, he’s also eager to “branch out” and stretch himself in more challenging roles.

As for his theories on what might happen in the TATBILB sequel, he replied: “Maybe Peter can fall from the pedestal? Maybe he can change into not-so-good of a guy? Maybe we can show the dimensions to different people. How we can be heroes in one moment and villains in another?”


He already sounds like a superhero to us.

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