Princess Catherine, AKA Kate Middleton, wasn’t going to let one heckler break her composure during her visit to Northern Ireland this week!

During a visit to Carrickfergus Castle with her husband, Prince William, on Thursday, the new Princess of Wales was seen speaking and shaking hands with several members of the crowd standing outside. However, when Catherine went to shake hands with one woman wearing a green jacket, she apparently did not have the best things to say to the 40-year-old royal. While recording the interaction, she said at the time:

“Nice to meet you, but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country.”


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Princess Catherine did not let the moment rattle her, though, as she smiled and then moved on to greet other crowd members. But the woman did not stop there! She then added:

“Ireland belongs to the Irish.”

Harsh words to direct right at a royal’s face — especially one who wasn’t alive when the decisions she’s upset about were made.

This trip marked Catherine and William’s first official trip to Northern Ireland after receiving their new titles of Prince and Princess of Wales following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last month. Clearly, they did not receive a warm welcome from everyone, but that does not come as a shock since there has been a political rift between Northern Ireland and England for centuries. However, Catherine certainly kept her cool following the awkward interaction. You can ch-ch-check out the moment (below):

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