Andy Cohen and the producers at Bravo won’t like this!

As you know by now, Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval were caught having a months-long affair – despite the 39-year-old business owner being in a longtime relationship with their co-star (and her friend) Ariana Madix. Ever since, their cast members have been vocal about the whole situation. But for Raquel? Beyond a public apology to Ariana and a few follow-up statements, she has remained pretty quiet about what happened.

Considering the cameras were rolling again after the affair news broke, most people assumed the 28-year-old was saving her comments for the show and reunion. However, she is ready to speak now! According to TMZ, a photographer approached Raquel while she was sitting outside of Blush Nail Bar in Valley Village, California by herself on Wednesday, and she willingly answered a bunch of questions about Scandoval. When first asked about how she was doing since her affair with Sandoval was exposed, the SUR waitress responded:

“I’m holding up ok. It’s been a little rough, but I’m hanging in there.”

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Beyond the cheating scandal, Raquel has been dealing with some major drama with Scheana Shay. She was granted a restraining order after accusing the 37-year-old of punching her when she found out about the affair. The alleged attack resulted in an injury to her head, a black eye, and a cut on her eyebrow. However, Scheana denied the accusation, saying via her lawyer that it was “a fabrication by a known liar and a cheat who has betrayed everyone close to her.” Several people, including former cast member Kristen Doute, also have claimed the black eye was fake.

But Raquel insists the physical altercation happened! In fact, she noted that she has a “permanent scar” from the attack! She said:

“Scheana knows what happened that night. I’m not going to go into it too much, but I do have a permanent scar on my eyebrow. So, yeah.”

We’ll have to wait for the details whenever the reunion airs and/or if deets from their court hearing later this month come out. Moving on to the reunion…

As we previously reported, Raquel finally confirmed that she would be attending the taping in person on Thursday. When pressed on how she was feeling about the reunion and seeing everyone in the cast, she expressed:

“I know I have to take accountability for my actions, so I’m completely prepared to do that.”

But when it comes to taking responsibility for her part in the affair when it comes to her former bestie Ariana? She shared that the two have spoken – but their talk did not go well (understandably):

“We talked on the phone. And I apologized over text, but she didn’t receive it very well.”

When asked what Ariana replied back, Raquel said she “preferred not to say,” adding:

“But just know it wasn’t received well.”

What did you expect? For her to just get over it quickly and accept your apology despite being involved with her boyfriend behind her back for roughly seven months?! Speaking of which, Raquel (somewhat) addressed how her relationship with Sandoval began, explaining:

“It started off as a friendship, and it turned into something more. But I’m sure we’ll go into detail about all of that tomorrow at the reunion.”

When pressed on when it started, she simply responded:

“We’ll go into it at the reunion tomorrow.”

For those who don’t know, there was a rumor posted by the celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi that this whole drama started because Ariana, Raquel, and Sandoval had a threesome. But rather than leaving it as a one-time fling, the TomTom co-owner kept pursuing the former pageant queen afterward. However, Raquel swears that fan theory is false! She told the photog:

“No, that’s not true. No.”

That wasn’t the only theory she shut down! Before her affair with Sandoval was revealed, Raquel had been facing the heat for hooking up with his best friend and business partner Tom Schwartz during Scheana’s wedding in August. But once the scandal erupted, many fans believed their fling was a cover-up for the affair – even though the 40-year-old and others swore he had no idea she and Sandoval were together at first. But what does Raquel have to say about it? She insisted:

“No, that’s not true. I genuinely had an interest in Tom Schwartz, and there’s a genuine curiosity there. So it wasn’t a coverup.”

The person then questioned if Schwartz knew about the affair all along, to which Raquel said:


From there, Raquel touched on whether she has spoken to anyone in the cast since everything went down, revealing:

“No, I haven’t.”

While the photographer talked about how people have “attacked” her too much over these past couple of weeks, Raquel exclaimed:

“It’s been a lot. I’ve been off social media altogether. I’ve been advised to do that. But it has been a lot. But I guess there are consequences to my actions and I wasn’t really thinking things through too much. So here we are.”

“Wasn’t really thinking things through too much.” Ya, think??? And of course, one person who has been VERY vocal about her opinions about Raquel has been none other than Lala Kent. So the 32-year-old unsurprisingly came up while talking about the backlash, as the reporter noted she has been “aggressive” towards her recently. Raquel stated:

“Yeah, she has always been aggressive toward me.”

When asked why she thought Lala was “super mean,” she acknowledge the fact that they weren’t always on good terms:

“You would have to ask her that question, but I think I’ve always rubbed her the wrong way.”

We can bet Lala will have a reason delivered to us soon on social media…

As for where her relationship with Sandoval stands? Raquel ultimately doesn’t really know right now:

“I don’t know where our relationship is going to be. We’re kind of just trying to get through these next few steps and trying to make amends – hear everybody out. I know a lot of people are angry. So I think just getting through these next few steps and seeing where it goes. We’re not putting a label on anything. We’re just kind of taking a break for now.”

Hmm… Was this decided before the two kissed on camera or afterward?

We guess this supposed “impromptu” chit-chat about Scandoval was Raquel’s way of getting a word in about the situation since the cast is no doubt going to go OFF on her and Sandoval during the reunion taping. Who knows if they’ll get a word in?! It might be the season 7 reunion all over again where everyone is shouting over each other. Nevertheless, it will definitely be an explosive episode.

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