Sam Asghari would like to clarify a rumor going around about his wife.

To some extent, at least.

As you likely have heard by now, TMZ reported this week that Asghari, along with a few others, planned an intervention for Britney Spears on Tuesday.

They allegedly rented a home in Los Angeles for the gathering… and were hoping to convince Spears to stay there for a couple months while she underwent treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears cozy up together for this sweet snapshot that they uploaded to social media.

“I’m afraid she’s gonna die,” someone close to Spears even told this website, which cited “erratic behavior as the main cause of concern when it comes to Britney.

Along with medication that supposedly hypes her up to an unhealthy degree.

“This is 2008 all over again,” another insider told TMZ.

“There is serious fear she is either going to die or kill someone. She is abusing caffeine, Adderall, and anything she can get her hands on.”

Britney snaps a selfie while sporting some specs. (Photo via Instagram)

How much, if any, of this reporting is accurate?

“An intervention did not occur,” Asghari just told Access Hollywood.

“My wife is in full control of her life and will continue to make all decisions involving her care regardless of circumstances. Speculation on her health is inappropriate and should end immediately.”

It’s very hard not to notice, of course, that Asghari doesn’t deny here that an invention was planned… or that Britney is struggling with the aforementioned issues.

Mean people suck? It’s hard to argue with that point from Britney Spears.

For her part, Spears released a far more pointed statement in response to the speculation.

It makes me sick to my stomach that it’s even legal for people to make up stories that I almost died … I mean at some point enough is enough !!!

I’m probably going to have to stop posting on Instagram because even though I enjoy doing it, there’s obviously a lot of people who don’t wish me well !!!

I’m honestly not surprised at all … Again doing the best I can !!!

Britney Spears uploaded yet another video of her dancing to Instagram in early 2023. We grabbed this photo from it.

She concluded, making a reference to the financial and personal control her dad had over her for well more than a decade:

Again, the conservatorship has been over for almost a year … No folks, it’s not 2007 … it’s 2023 and I’m making my first homemade lasagna at home !!! I finally got my fireplace to work in my living room !!!

As my hubby says it best: don’t believe everything you read !!!

All that love right back at ya !!!

Britney Spears rocks a sizable hat in this pic. (Photo via Instagram)

We have no idea what is true and what is false in all of this.

But we do know this much:

If Britney Spears needs professional help, we hope she gets it.

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