At this point, Shanna Moakler has been blasting Kourtney and Travis for years.

She does not like her ex-husband’s new relationship or his new wife. And her resentment of Kourtney’s role as a stepmother to her children is clearly palpable.

Naturally, Kourtney and Travis’ wedding special that recently came out on Hulu was going to elicit a response.

Insisting that she’s not “bitter and jealous,” she simply calls her ex’s new marriage “so f–king weird.”

On an April 2023 episode of the Miss Understood With Rachel Uchitel podcast, Shanna Moakler had a lot to say about her ex and his new wife. It was not complimentary. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Shanna Moakler sat down for a podcast interview. It’s not every week that your ex has a huge Hulu special documenting his wedding. Especially when he’s marrying a Kardashian. That’s a pretty exclusive club.

Speaking on the Miss Understood With Rachel Uchitel podcast, which you can watch below, she remarked on how strange it was.

Shanna declared that the “whole thing is so f–king weird.”

Hulu plastered Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding special on everyone’s screens for the big premiere. (Image Credit: Hulu)

And not “so f–king weird” but ultimately good, either. Not in Shanna’s eyes.

“I really don’t have anything positive to say about it,” she emphasized in the strongest possible terms.

But Shanna also wanted to shoot down any alleged misconceptions about why she’s so negative about Travis’ happily ever after.

Shanna Moakler in a Floral Blouse
Shanna Moakler shared this selfie on Instagram, showing the beauty in a floral blouse, toying with her hair.

“It’s not because I’m bitter,” Shanna went on to insist.

“And,” she added vehemently, “I’m definitely not jealous.”

Okay. So she has another, totally legitimate reason for spending the past couple of years badmouthing Travis and Kourtney’s relationship and he Kardashian family in general. Even when she’s essentially clashing with her own children over this. Are we getting that right?

In this screenshot from the Hulu special, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker discuss their wedding setup in black and white. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Obviously, a lot of people DGAF what Shanna has to say about Kourtney and Travis’ marriage. They clearly love each other, and she doesn’t have a say in it.

According to Shanna, not even she truly cares about her own opinions about the romance. Wait, what?

“I wish them nothing but the best,” Shanna claimed. “And as long as they’re good to my kids, that’s all I care about.”

Shanna Moakler in a Denim Jacket
Shanna Moakler shared what looks like a headshot almost, sporting blonde wavy hair and a denim jacket.

“But,” Shanna could not help but comment, “I think the whole thing is really weird.”

Yes, it’s so strange when longtime friends of similar ages and stages in life develop a romantic relationship.

(Apologies for the sarcasm, but Shanna’s hostile attitude can make anyone Team Kravis if they listen to her long enough)

Shanna does admit that there are things about this whole situation that have her feeling bitter — or, at least, a little sour.


According to her, she felt “so bullied” by the press. Shanna claims that media organizations treated her “so unfairly” when Kourtney and Travis first went public.

Shanna Moakler for Celebrity Big Brother
This is a still of Shanna Moakler on Celebrity Big Brother Season 3, airing on CBS in February 2022.

“If I made any statement whatsoever I was just called bitter and jealous,” Shanna then accused.

One might suggest making statements that do not sound bitter or jealous. Because lashing out at the Kardashian family as if they were personally attacking her certainly came across a certain way.

She explained: “It has just put a really bad taste in my mouth.” But Shanna keeps one thing in perspective: as soon as Alabama turns 18 later this year, she feels that she and Travis will never have to see or talk to each other again. (For parents, things seldom work out so simply)

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