Shawn Mendes Thinks Harry Styles Should Have His Own Calvin Klein Campaign

Shawn Mendes has opened up about his Calvin Klein campaign for the first time and he thinks that a similar shoot involving a certain One Direction member would cause even more chaos online.

During an interview with Capital FM at the BRIT Awards, the 20-year-old argued that Harry Styles – who once appeared in a photoshoot with a literal lamb – would probably break the internet if he posed for a professional picture in his undies.

The segment featured Shawn reading out fan tweets regarding his photoshoot, with one person writing: “If this is how we react to Shawn Mendes, the day one of the 1D boys does a Calvin Klein campaign we’ll die, especially if it’s Harry.”

Shawn agreed that it was a good idea, but added that the universe would probably explode on the spot if the 25-year-old was ever filmed lounging around in his boxers: “If Harry did it, the world would be over,” he warned.


In the same interview, he responded to another fan who wasn’t sure if she should leave more heart emojis on his or Noah Centineo’s campaign shots: “It’s a war now,” he agreed.

This comes as Shawn was spotted staring adoringly at Juice singer Lizzo on the red-carpet, which prompted her to upload a video of the moment alongside the comment: “Get you a man that looks at you the way Shawn Mendes looks at me doing press.”

Serious question, what do we have to do for this Harry Styles campaign to get the go-ahead?

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