The internet mocks Donald Trump’s new superhero alter-ego ‘Tariff Man’

Donald Trump’s, uh, unique use of capitalization in his tweets has again become a gift for Twitter users. 

A day after “Scott Free” became something of a meme, Trump’s Tuesday morning declaration of “I am Tariff Man” during a series of tweets about negotiations with China has taken on a life of its own across the internet. 

Thus, a new superhero has been born and lumbers into international diplomacy like a bull in a china shop. 

But every superhero has a weakness and Tariff Man’s kryptonite seems to be realizing exactly how tariffs work: often the cost of higher tariffs are actually passed on to the consumer, not the suppliers. 

It’s something for Tariff Man to mull once he returns to his blood tree-decorated fortress of solitude.

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