The Trailer For Noah Centineo And Camila Mendes’s Netflix Rom-Com Is Finally Here

Anyone who desperately needs another fix of Noah Centineo will be buzzed to hear that the trailer has ~finally~ landed for his and Camila Mendes‘s upcoming Netflix movie, The Perfect Date.

The streaming giant has been keeping fans in the dark about the rom-com, but have now dropped a sneak preview that has left us absolutely convinced it’ll be our new favourite YA film.


Noah is taking on the role of Brooks Rattigan, a smart but unpopular high-school student who realises he can save a lot of money for college by renting out his services as the perfect boyfriend. 

He makes a deal to take a girl called Celia Lieberman to a school dance, and then realises that the dating experience could help him win over the gorgeous and wealthy Shelby Pace, played by Camila.

Brooks even designs an entire app in which people can request that he alters his personality while they’re on a date. AKA they literally design the perfect boyfriend and he transforms into whatever their heart desires.

This comes as Noah reunited with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before co-star Lana Condor at the KCAs, who gushed to ET Online: “He’s really talented, and he’s an amazing actor, and we’ve always gotten along really well, so I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star.” 


The Perfect Date isn’t being released until April 12th so we’ll be obsessively re-watching the trailer until it finally drops. 

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