For years, Tyler Baltierra’s thirst traps have been an unexpected bonus for Teen Mom fans.

You usually watch these shows for the drama, the sweet moments, the total disasters, and the milestones.

Aside from Tyler himself, Catelynn Lowell is the primary benefactor of Tyler’s increasingly jaw-dropping bod.

But fans and followers can have a look now and then. As a treat.

Tyler Baltierra shared this enticing update on his body transformation. With his shirt on, his arms stand out even more than usual. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Tyler Baltierra took to Instagram to flaunt yet another milestone in his epic body transformation.

His biceps are no joke. You can see the firmness of his torso through that tight shirt. And his shoulders-to-hips ratio is enough to make heads spin.

This mirror selfie isn’t as bulge-tastic as some of Tyler’s other work, but those jeans aren’t doing him a disservice, either.

Tyler Baltierra and Baby #4
Cuddle time! Tyler Baltierra snuggles up closely here with his fourth and presumably final child.

Tyler of course also posted a poem to reflect upon his body transformation.

In the comments, polite fans who were looking respectfully asked for his workout routine.

Some less subtle, more openly thirsty fans … were openly thirsty. And not for the first time.

“Still managing to stay pretty lean during this bulk cycle,” Tyler wrote this summer while sharing a pair of thirst traps.

“Hypertrophy training is going exactly as planned,” he announced at the time.

Again, fans got to admire his torso, his abs, his pecs, and those arms. On top of all of that, Tyler’s what-we-will-euphemistically-call “fun gutters” are all killing it.

Tyler Baltierra, All Business

And yes, the aforementioned gutters form a V that lead to a can’t-miss bulge.

As we noted in our previous reporting, we will be the last to judge if you scroll back up for a double-take.

Some Teen Mom stars find that they don’t have to work “normal” jobs thanks to reality TV fame. Tyler, however, seems to have a side hustle as a banana smuggler.

Tyler Baltierra as an OG
Tyler Baltierra is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom OG from the year 2020.

Now, maybe Tyler was wearing especially flattering underwear. Perhaps he caught himself at a good angle.

Maybe he’s a “show-er” and not a “grow-er,” to to speak.

But unless he has a very rare type of dong that gets smaller when he’s excited, he’s … showing himself in a good light. Nothing record-breaking, but fans have been noticing his pics for years.

Tyler Baltierra Bulge
There’s no other way to put this: Take a look here at Tyler Baltierra’s shorts. It looks like he has a big penis.

Honestly, some of Tyler’s photos look less like workout updates from a reality TV DILF and more like standard internet thirst traps.

They’re the kind of pic that you’d see advertised along with a link to someone’s OnlyFans, suggesting that the shorts aren’t always on.

To be clear, though, that’s not what Tyler’s advertising. At least, not so far. But that hasn’t caught fans from asking now and then.

Tyler is not the only one who has spent some time on social media thirst-trapping fans and followers.

Catelynn does it, too.

Not with her own pics — but with Tyler’s. She does crop them a little. Instagram has rules about how much you can show, folks.

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