Even though Paul Staehle didn’t expect a big to-do when he went missing in the Amazon, he knows that fans follow his life.

They also follow the life of his ex, Karine Martins.

For years, their on-again, off-again marriage has been filled with tumultuous twists and turns, ugly fights, and tragic but inevitable reconciliations.

Are they once again back together?

On 90 Day Fiance, Paul Staehle describes his then-wife’s “mood swings.” He feels that they come out of nowhere, but viewers suggest that they’re not so random. (Image Credit: TLC)

“To clarify any confusion,” Paul began his recent Instagram Story post.

“[Karine and I] are not together,” he did, in fact, clarify.

We know that Paul and Karine joined forces last year in an effort to regain custody of their sons. That alliance is not a marriage; they are exes, not royalty.

In early October 2023, 90 Day Fiance alum Paul Staehle updated fans and followers on his marital status via his Instagram Stories. Both he and his ex, he confirmed, were seeing different people. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“She is currently dating several different men,” Paul announced. Did he run this by Karine first? Unlikely.

He wrote that she is doing so “to establish which of the men is the best possible fit for her.”

Speaking for himself, Paul shared: “I am talking to an [indigenous] woman native of Amazonas.” Everyone who writes at all will make typos. Some typos are funnier than others.

Paul Staehle is surprised and furious
Wearing a yellow shirt and sitting in front of trash bag-covered windows, Paul Staehle appears to grow angry. (Image Credit: TLC)

“We only want a peaceful friendship,” Paul affirmed.

He then concluded: “We are both tired of our obvious toxic incompatibility.”

Wow! We here at THG could not have said it better ourselves. Actually, we’ve said almost those exact same words about Paul and Karine’s troubled relationship.

From time to time, Paul Staehle seems to just … take off running. Viewers do not really understand it. (Image Credit: TLC)

Just for the record, rumors about Paul and Karine attempting an ill-advised reconciliation didn’t spring up out of nowhere.

Earlier this year, infamous fame-seeker Josh Seiter claimed that Karine was back with Paul.

This was months before “someone” posted false reports of Josh’s death by suicide to his account.

Karine and Paul, Wedding Photo
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers endured the deeply uncomfortable courtship of Paul, a troubled older American man with a scary criminal history, and Karine, a younger Brazilian woman. (Image Credit: TLC)

There are a lot of theories about who’s behind it.

Okay, just one theory. Point is, the guy’s not exactly a go-to source for much of anything.

Especially since this same wannabe celebrity has publicly dated two 90 Day stars (including Karine), publicly hit on three Sister Wives stars, and generally seems “off.” But we’re glad that he’s alive!

Karine Staehle does not like how the
Who among us will ever forget the day when Paul Staehle took wife Karine Martins on a rainy day tour of a waste treatment facility? (Image Credit: TLC)

Was Paul attempting to slut-shame Karine in some capacity by mentioning that she’s dating multiple guys.

With Paul, it’s hard to say. It’s generally difficult to explain why he says or does any of the things that he says or does.

Remember, he wore a condom to go swimming. (The candiru asu is not a myth, but they don’t burrow through your swim trunks) He will just … run off, in an awkward manner. And he livestreams police visits (plural) to his home.

Paul Staehle Wants to Prove Himself
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 star Paul Staehle is determined to prove himself to his wife. (Image Credit: TLC)

We fully believe that Paul and Karine are not together. And, more importantly, that they’re better off apart.

It’s good that they finally know that, too. Some people simply do not belong together.

That said … maybe Paul doesn’t need to be chasing after “ingenious” women.


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