In the wake of 90 Day Fiance Season 10 getting off to a strong start, viewers were quickly looking to the second episode.

In the sneak peek video below, we see Jasmine Pineda arrive in Michigan for the first time.

She and Gino Palazzolo are reunited at last. But somehow, their love and their future together isn’t at the forefront of her mind.

Jasmine is not happy to be there, likening the conditions to “hell.”

Arriving in Michigan, Jasmine asks Gino if the cold is still “the air conditioner.” It is not. (Image Credit: TLC)

After years of waiting and countless meltdowns, Jasmine Pineda arrives in Michigan to begin her 90 Day journey with Gino Palazzolo.

However, she is in for a rude awakening. Even in the parking garage, she’s griping about the cold. Airplanes these days are notoriously hot, and she seems to be dressed in multiple layers, but it’s somehow not enough.

“This is Michigan,” Gino tells her when she asks if they’re still feeling the chill of air conditioning.

Gino explains that this isn’t air conditioning, it’s just Michigan weather. Viewers uncomfortably warm at home during unpleasantly uncool October weather might not be sympathizing with Jasmine at the moment. (Image Credit: TLC)

To that, Jasmine bluntly replies: “I f–king hate it.”

If you’re a person who bristles at people complaining about the cold (to be fair, it’s much easier for a human to warm up than it is to cool down), Jasmine is not doing herself any favors.

That said, for fellow cold-blooded viewers who love to whine when the weather is too cozy and there isn’t enough sweat in the air, Jasmine is only endearing herself to them.

Jasmine marvels as Gino’s breath becomes visible in the cold. But it’s not a positive kind of marveling. (Image Credit: TLC)

Clearly, this is all new to Jasmine. She is from Panama.

At first, she doesn’t understand what she’s seeing as Gino’s breath is visible as a misty vapor. (When the air cools beyond the dew point, condensation occurs)

“I was not born to be in this kind of weather,” Jasmine complains to the cameras. (That’s what I say at any temperature above 70 Fahrenheit)

Though some viewers might be downright envious, Jasmine is not having a good time as she encounters cold Michigan weather for the first time. (Image Credit: TLC)

“I’m scared of stepping out and dying, immediately, instantly, from hypothermia,” Jasmine tells the confessional camera.

She then asks: “I mean how can people live in a place like this?”

Comfortably, if your body produces enough heat! (We’re giving Jasmine a hard time, here — obviously, body temperature is almost entirely rooted in genetic dispositions)

To the confessional camera, Jasmine expresses the belief that she is unsuited to Michigan weather. (Image Credit: TLC)
“You’re gonna find out, the hard way,” Gino teases. He is talking about his driving skills. Ominous! (Image Credit: TLC)

There is some interesting banter about Gino’s driving.

“You’re gonna find out, the hard way,” he tells her of whether he knows how to drive.

That sounds ominous. Is it foreshadowing?

In the car, Jasmine expresses relief at the butt-warmers in the car. (Image Credit: TLC)

Once in the car, Jasmine seems to be more comfortable.

She is one of those people who really appreciates butt-warmers in cars.

However, she looks out at the view and sees gray. Some people do not enjoy overcast weather.

Feeling overjoyed that she’s there with him, Gino kisses Jasmine’s hand. (Image Credit: TLC)

Gino holds her hand and kisses it.

He’s clearly basking in the joyful feeling of being reunited in person with his lady love.

Jasmine kisses his hand in return … but reminds him to focus on the road. Again … we wonder if editors are keeping these moments in because something happens later on.

Notably, a lot of viewers watching at home are doing so during unpleasantly warm mid-October weather. (Not everywhere, but in a lot of places)

But we should remember that Gino and Jasmine recorded very early this year. Based upon the timeline that we heard at the Tell All, it’s likely late winter as they’re filming. Late February or early March.

And Jasmine is straight-up not having a good time in one of the US’s coldest states.

Jasmine describes Michigan weather as “like hell, but the winter version of hell.” Not a fan of winter wonderlands, we gather. (Image Credit: TLC)

“This is like hell, but the winter version of hell,” Jasmine complains.

Make no mistake — Jasmine hasn’t forgotten about how much she wanted to come live with Gino. And it doesn’t sound like she regrets it … not exactly.

“This place, it screams depression,” Jasmine gripes. “It’s like, so gloomy, so dark.”

According to Jasmine, the gorgeous gray cloud cover over Michigan “scream(s) depression.” If she has seasonal affective disorder, we recommend that she undergo treatment! (Image Credit: TLC)

“I think God didn’t want people to live here but people insisted on living in Michigan,” Jasmine then quips.

Notably, people with depression sometimes find that it worsens in dim light, or without sunlight. Of course, on the flip side, people with anxiety find that bright lights make it worse.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jasmine adapts to her new home, or if changes in weather make things easier for her — or worse.


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