cancer causing foods

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, as proven by the fact that it’s the second leading cause of death globally. Cancer makes one or a group of cells in the body to behave abnormally and grow out of control. We are going to know about cancer causing foods by this post.

The disease is very damaging to its sufferers that it can hurt them not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s even capable of disassociating patients from their social surroundings.

Among the most common causes of cancer are unhealthy foods, which are easily found everywhere. Since a lot of people tend to ignore a healthy lifestyle, they may eat cancer-causing foods on a daily basis without them realizing, thus increasing their risk of catching the disease.

Now if you want to raise your awareness and take a precaution by adopting a healthy eating style, you can start by avoiding the following cancer causing foods.

Cancer Causing Foods:

1. Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods

cancer causing foods genetically

Genetically modified crops have become more popular than ever today, although nobody knows how far they have been contaminated, not even the manufacturer knows it for certain. That’s since no appropriate test study was conducted before releasing these products to the grocery market.

But surely they have a long-term impact on human health, so it’s always better to buy organic foods or GE-free labeled (genetically unaltered) foods.

2. Canned Foods

cancer causing foods canned

Many cans are lined with bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical that is – according to some animal studies – capable of altering brain cells. This chemical compound is also found in plastic products, water supply pipes, and thermal sheets. In humans, BPA is known to increase risks of prostate and breast cancer. You should use fresh vegetables to avoid these risks.

3. Soda Drinks

cancer causing foods soda

For more than 20 years people have been debating about soda as one of cancer causing foods. It’s no secret that soda drinks are made with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other chemicals that are harmful for health. But the soda content in these beverages is the main risk factor for cancer.

With cancer-triggering ingredients and no nutritional value, these drinks are undoubtedly bad for your health, so they should be avoided. Drink pure water instead to promote detoxification in your body.

4. Farm-Raised Fish

Farm-raised fishes contain cancer-causing pollutants as they’re treated with antibiotics, pesticides and lots of other carcinogens in order to prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites from growing in and around them. Salmon as one type of fish that is often cultivated is usually rich in cancer-fighting omega 3 fatty acids. However, farming process often reduces omega 3 fats in salmon.

5. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Following their extraction from the source, these oils go through a laboratory process in which chemicals are used to change their taste and smell. The results are hydrogenated oils loaded with omega 6 fats that are infamous for causing destruction of cell membranes.

6. Refined Sugar

Refined sugar increases insulin levels as soon as they are ingested. They also encourage fast growth of cancerous cells in the body, allowing them to proliferate rapidly. Common foods with refined sugar that can increase the risks of cancer are sodas, cakes and cookies, among others. They should be replaced with products that use only natural sweetener.

7. Microwave Popcorn

When you’re eating microwave popcorn, you’re literally also consuming a chemical compound called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). That carcinogen and diacetyl in popcorn have been linked to certain types of cancer. It’s always a healthier choice to make your own popcorn at home than buying microwave bags.

8. White Flour

During the making process, refined flour loses its whole nutritional value. It’s also made more appealing (and unhealthier) through chlorination. The bleached flour is high in carbohydrates and has a high glycemic index. Consuming foods with high glycemic index can increase your blood sugar levels, thus promoting the growth of cancer.

9. Grilled Meat

Despite tasting delicious, grilled meat is actually bad for health. Studies have found that the grilling process causes chemical compounds called heterocyclic aromatic amines to be released. Cooking meat this way also changes the chemical and molecular composition of the meat, turning it into an unhealthy food.

10. Salty, Pickled and Smoked Foods

Last but not least; salty, pickled and smoked foods are also cancer-causing products that need to be avoided. They’re packed with nitrates to extend their shelf life. When accumulated in the body, these preservatives can damage your cells and make them cancerous.

High-temperature cooking will turn nitrates into nitrites that are more potential in triggering cancer.



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