tips for how to quit smoking

There are many benefits achieved when one decides to quit smoking. Some of the benefits include improving the duration and quality of your life and improving your overall health. To stop smoking you need to cope with the withdrawal symptoms experienced and alter your behavior. Some of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms include anxiousness, irritability and feeling low.

However, taking care of yourself and following some of the essential tips will incredibly help you to quit smoking. Here some of the tips for how to quit smoking.

Tips For How To Quit Smoking:

Seeking Behavioural Support

The physical and emotional dependence that you have on smoking makes it difficult to stay away from nicotine after deciding to quit smoking. To quit, and completing stay away from smoking, you need to tackle both the physical and emotional dependence.

Some of the ways to solve this dependence include trying to read some self-help materials and also seeking counselling and support services.

Behavioural support can be in the form of advice from group therapy or written information. Support can also be individual counselling or therapy in person through online communication or by phone.

Find Your Reasons To Quit Smoking

tips for how to quit smoking comfortTo get motivated, you need personal and powerful reasons that will help you quit smoking. You need to write down a list of reasons that made you decide to stop smoking. You may also carry the reasons with you in case you need to remind yourself.

Some of the examples of reasons include improving your overall health, protecting your family from second-hand smoke, save money, and because you are pregnant or want to get pregnant.

Other reasons include reducing the chances of getting heart diseases, lung cancer or any other health conditions. Thus you need to choose reasons that will outweigh the urge for you to smoke and help you to quit smoking.

Consider The Use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

tips for how to quit smoking necotin

Nicotine replacement therapy is vital in helping you to quit smoking. NRTs helps in reducing the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that you may experience. Some of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms include low energy levels and also headaches. Nicotine replacement therapy is designed to supply your body with controlled nicotine dosage, keeping you away from exposure to other chemicals found in tobacco and weaning your body off from harmful chemical substances found in cigarettes.

Some of the approved types of nicotine replacement therapy include lozenges, chewing gum and skin patches. It’s vital to discuss with your healthcare professional on the dosage before making the decision to use nicotine replacement therapy.

Drinking Lots of Water

Drinking plenty of water helps in flushing out harmful residual toxins out of your body. Water is a significant part of the diet and staying hydrated will make it easier for you to manage any withdrawal symptoms and help you feel much better.

One can also drink fluids like fruit juices and teas while limiting the intake of soft drinks, alcohol and coffee. Alcohol and caffeine substance are more likely to affect your mood and increase the urge to start smoking.

Intake of a Well-Balanced Diet

Daily intake of a well-balanced diet is vital in flushing the harmful cigarette substances out of your body. This is because the body needs a consistent amount of energy to expel the harmful toxins during the withdrawal process. Choose foods that will provide you with the high-quality fuel and energy that you need during this period.

Some of the foods include lean proteins, whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s also vital to avoid junk foods that have no health benefits to your body. High intake of fresh fruits like melons, berries, pineapples and apples will have lots of benefits towards helping you to quit smoking.

Deep Breathing

Taking sometime too deep breathing is also an important way to help you quit smoking since it helps your mind to focus on something else and helping you to relax. Try not to panic when cravings come your way during this time. However, try your best to concentrate on your breathing and relaxing.

During deep breathing close your eyes, and breathe in and out gradually. Let the craving come your way while you fully concentrate on your breathing. Eventually, the urge will fade away and this will leave you feeling much stronger than before.


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