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The COVID-19 or coronavirus has taken the world by storm. A bunch of businesses have closed down and some mayDue to the pandemic, we are forced to adjust to a new normal. Most countries are requiring the use of face masks when going out in public places. However, facial recognition technology is going to be at a standstill. Here are the possible effects.

Manufacturing of Different Looking Face Masks

There will be small and medium enterprises who will manufacture face masks that can still be read by facial recognition technology. It is a bit hard to do as it would take consulting with a bunch of companies that deal with facial recognition. Of course. some testing needs to be done before it would be effective.

The new-look masks would look pretty different from what is expected since it would require getting recognized by this type of technology. It is also possible the masks will be made that will allow access to certain areas. For example, if facial recognition is needed for unauthorized areas, they may just do it for that area alone.

The Need to Take Off Masks For Facial Recognition

When it is time to recognize your face, you must take off your mask. Without a doubt, this is the simplest situation. However, you must do it at a place where there aren’t many people so there would be a lesser chance of infecting the virus. Also, it should not take too long to get it done anyway. That is the entire purpose of this technology.

It is usually to get access to your own smartphone. If that is the case, better set your smartphone to avoid getting automatically locked. If gets locked all the time, you may end up needing to take off your face mask all the time.

Development of Specific Face Masks

Gadgets or areas that require facial recognition access may also come with face masks. We must face the facts that wearing a face mask is the new normal. Therefore, you should not worry about buying separate face masks for those things. This is one of the most likely options and it would make the overall price more appealing. Depending on the purpose of the face mask, there is no need to wear it all the time anyway.

Thus, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you could take it off and wear another mask when there is no use for it anymore. For example, if you are not going to the restricted area that requires the facial recognition face mask anytime soon, you can switch to another face mask.

Elimination of Facial Recognition

Sadly, the technology may never be used again. If it comes down to choosing between wearing face masks and doing facial recognition, the former will be chosen. The safety of everyone living on this planet is what is important to the government. You can’t blame them for doing that because they would want less casualties resulting from this pandemic.

Nobody knows when a vaccine is going to be developed. Up until then, everyone will be required to wear face masks or arrests will be made. Yes, people were arrested and fined for not wearing face masks in public. Needless to say, it was for their own good. Due to the many alternatives of facial recognition, it is highly possible for this to be eliminated.

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It is amazing how facial recognition technology are scrambling to see around face masks. However, it won’t be long before that will be fixed. After all, the new generation is full of smart people. It won’t be long before someone figures out a solution to this problem. Also, everything has a definite end so there will come a time when we won’t be required to wear face masks anymore. Besides, it is hard to breathe underneath these things.

Whenever you need to wear them, you must think about your safety as this virus does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. There are over a million cases all over the world and the number keeps on growing with each passing day. The only thing you can hope for is that you don’t get infected by it.


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