work from home policies

Due to what is happening all over the world, we are all encouraged to work from home whether we like it or not. Thus, it is important to create effective work from home policies so we won’t be tempted to slack off since we are at the comforts of our home. Better follow these policies and stick to them until the end. You are going to think of ways to create them and here are a few ways you can figure them out:

Assign a Time for Work

There has to be a certain time period when you would do nothing but work-related stuff. Yes, that means you must turn off all social media websites. You don’t need to feel sad since you are going to go back to them in a few minutes. Self-discipline is pretty much involved in here. You would not want to do anything else other than work or you will never be productive.

You must tell that to the other people living in the house so they won’t come in and disturb you. Besides, they know that you should have a lot of other things to do in your home. Other than work, there are a lot of chores to do. Thus, better talk to them about the times you can bond with them as there is a time for work and a time for play.

Assign a Time for Lunch and Break

Another essential work from home policies is during this time when you can do things that are not related to work like eating, sleeping, and playing with your pets. You can be excited for this time and there is reason for you to do so. Before work, you must already prepare your lunch. Yes, if you want to cook your meals you must do it before the time for work.

It won’t make any sense to spend your working hours preparing your lunch. If you are used to eating packed lunch for work, you can still do it. In the afternoon, you can always have a coffee break where you can spend 15 minutes making coffee and a sandwich.

Keep in Touch with Workmates

One thing about working from home is that you can feel that you are alone. The reality is that your workmates are still with you so you can chat with them at all times. Besides, you will need to keep sane as being alone will look new to you. Also, you would not want to feel that way since you are just an employee of a big company.

You would need to talk to people every now and then ask them how their day is. The same case for them as it would matter for them to have someone to talk to. It would be great if they can also share to you what they are currently experiencing.

Establish a Fast Connection

You must have a fast Internet connection wherever you may be. If you don’t think the Internet connection at home is fast enough, you can go to a coffee shop or wherever you think has fast Internet connection. It is important that needs to be addressed rather quickly. Besides, you would want to get to work as soon as possible. Connecting to the Internet should only take a few seconds and it should not give you a problem.

If you see yourself spending more than a minute connecting to the Internet, then you should move to another place. It would be great if you are too focused on your work that you forget everything else around you.


Now that you know how to create an effective work from home policies, you are going to be productive in each second you work from home. You would even forget about working at an office for the rest of your life. It will certainly be part of the new normal to work from home. Social distancing must be practiced as much as possible.

The last thing we would want is a second wave of the virus as that would send us back home. We may find out that we are better off working from home than the office. Besides, you are going to save money in terms of transportation.


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